[tex-k] AFM2TFM: are length values handled correctly?

Frederic LOYER loyer@ensta.fr
Wed, 3 Oct 2001 23:57:59 +0200

On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 10:47:37PM +0200, Frederic LOYER wrote:
> Bluesky fonts are exception... built to be compatible whith cmr TFM, their
> design size is well read by TeX (the standard cmr TFM is read).
> I suppose the Type1 font itself is already scaled in order to produced the
> right result with dvips. This one which could think the design size is 10pt
> (to be verified).

Verifying........ wrong!  A DVI file does contain font sizes and
design sizes. (And dvitype write a 3rd number, the scaling factor
calculated from those numbers.)

The font size is used directly to scale a PS font to the right
size.  The bluesky Type1 cmr5 and cmr10 have the same size
(OK, one is a little fatter...), and must be scaled at different
size to produce real cmr5 and cmr10 on the paper...

See the 41.511 and 83.022 size in the following PS file (scaling cmr5 and
cmr10 to their respective design size)

@start /Fa 158[28 97[{}1 41.511 /CMR5 rf /Fb 158[42 47[42
49[{}2 83.022 /CMR10 rf end

> Afm2tfm has an hardcoded 10pt constant, and could only produce
> 10pt font.  It's just a convention (which must be consistant with dvips!!).

I was wrong too... It's just ithe design size considered by TeX...
and dvips have all the elements from the DVI file to print your font
at the right size whatever this design size.

Frédéric Loyer <frederic.loyer@club-internet.fr>