[tex-k] bug in dvipsk 5.86 p1.5d

Peter Selinger selinger@mathstat.uottawa.ca
Sun, 14 Oct 2001 20:54:27 -0400 (EDT)

Hi, I found a bug in dvipsk 5.86 p1.5d, as distributed with RedHat 7.1
in package tetex-dvips-1.0.7-15. (I assume this bug comes from dvips,
not from redhat, but I am giving you the package number just in case).

Specifically, dvips inserts erratic whitespace before certain
superscripts. This is not a TeX bug - the whitespace does not exist in
the dvi file, but is introduced by dvips in the PostScript output. 
It is unlikely to be a Postscript bug, since ghostview and an HP laser
printer give identical results. 

Enclosed is a DVI file and a PS file generated from it by dvipsk 5.86
p1.5d. Please note the whitespace between "M" and "*" in line 2 of
Problem 4.5. It is considerably wider in PS than in DVI, and leads to
a misalignment of the text on the right margin. 

A similar, but smaller erratic whitespace can be observed in the first
M^* (but not the second one) on line 1 of Problem 4.3. Again, this
artifact is not present in the DVI file.

If you look very carefully, you see other instances of this problem in
this document. Fon instance, within the third "Z'" on line 5 of
problem 4.6, or "P'" on line 3 of problem 4.6, etc. Here, too, you can
see how it affects the flushness of the right margin. 

I have observed similar whitespace in another document in the
expression $x^2$ as well. 

I have never observed this problem in earlier versions of dvips. 

Best wishes, -- Peter Selinger