[tex-k] bug in dvips 5.86d in partial font downloading

Thomas Esser te@informatik.uni-hannover.de
Tue, 16 Oct 2001 15:46:14 +0200

>  FP> It is recommended to link in dvips the writet1.c module of
>  FP> _pdftex_ which is compatible with dvips sources. This is what we
>  FP> do for the texlive cdrom.
> yes, i did not try dvips from TeX Live. I'll do. Hopefully, this will
> be integrated into teTeX soon...

Well, since dvips 5.86 was released, there have been several "unofficial"
versions of dvips(k).

I think that I have made a few minor changes initiated by bug
reports / fixes on this list. One of the "bigger" changes was to use
the writet1.c module of pdftex. This is what I have done and what has
led us to dvipsk-5.86d in teTeX. I think that TeX Live's version was
build on top of mine with additional fixes and a newer version of

What I'd really like to see is a new "official" dvips(k) release from
the official maintainer(s).