[tex-k] xdvi: segmentation fault

Stefan Ulrich stefan.ulrich@elexir.de
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 20:29:56 +0200

Kaja P Christiansen <kaja@daimi.au.dk> writes:

> A colon in a DVI file name causes segmentation fault in xdvi, version 22.40b,
> as one of our users reported (tested on Solaris and Linux).

Yes, I could reproduce this problem; but it doesn't occur any
more with xdvik-22.40c (I would recommend to upgrade to this
version anyway, which also fixes some bugs with virtual font
sizes when switching .dvi files).

> Interestingly, processing a sample2:e.dvi with the older version, 
> xdvi 22.15-k, does not dump core, but exits with an error message:  
> Cannot locate URL: sample2:e.dvi

Well, that's a rather silly message, isn't it? With xdvik-22.40c,
I get:

$ xdvi sample2:e.dvi
Can't open `/home/ulrich/tex/sample2:e.dvi': No such file or directory

which is only slightly better ... using a relative or absolute
filename, as follows:

$ xdvi ./sample2:e.dvi

does work, though. I'll file this as a bug on

Sebastian Rahtz writes:

> its expecting anything before the : to be a web protocol....

yes but then it should accept a hex-escaped version, which
it doesn't ;-) All this URL handling is rather half-baked
and needs a rewrite (we even have a bug report for this on
saying `http and url handling too complex' ;-)

Stefan Ulrich