[tex-k] AFM2TFM: are length values handled correctly?

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Thu, 27 Sep 2001 18:53:29 +0400


in AFM files, all lengths (e.g. kerns) are expressed in 1/1000 of
postscript point, and the latter is defined as (1/72 in), i.e. "bp" in
TeX notation.

in TFM files, all lengths are expressed in font design size values,
and the latter is expressed in TeX points (1/72.27 in), i.e. "pt".

therefore, when AFM2TFM converts some length (e.g. kern) to be put
into TFM (PL or VPL) file, it should multiply the result by

But i did not find such conversion looking into the sources of

Is AFM2TFM taking into account the difference between the size of PS
and TeX points?

(and a related question: does dvips handle this difference too?)