[tex-k] xdvi 22.40i status

Stefan Ulrich stefan.ulrich@elexir.de
Tue, 9 Apr 2002 12:08:07 +0200

M Shell <mshell@ece.gatech.edu> writes:

> I noticed that, in the 2002/04/02 teTeX beta release, xdvi 22.40i
> still feeds relative paths to Ghostscript (e.g., /home/figs/../eps/myfig.eps)
> which Ghostscript 7.04 barfs on.

Yup, I didn't get to implement a patch for this yet; at the
moment I'm mainly working on the xdvik.22.55-devel branch which
is still in a pathetic condition. Actually it was planned that
the next (beta) release would be from that one, to avoid having
to maintain multiple updates, which has gotten pretty annoying
in the meantime.

> I am not pushing for a fast fix on this, I just want to make sure that
> the update did not get accidently left out of 22.40i and if not, if it is 
> still planned for 22.40j.

You can track its status at:

The `Priority' field is `perceived priority' from my point of
view ;-) The main reasons why I didn't treat it with higher
priority were:

- there's a workaround for this, by totally omitting the paths
  and using TEXINPUTS;

- I didn't know what the Ghostscript developers would do about
  it, i.e. whether they would change gs' behaviour. In your
  original message you mentioned that you had reported it as a
  bug; what did they respond to that?

BTW, you can always post a followup on sourceforge and/or raise
the priority if you feel that would be appropriate. Of course,
the quickest way to get it fixed would be to submit a patch ;-)

(FWIW, the main reason this takes longer than a few minutes is
that the quick & dirty solution of just replacing x/.. by /
won't work with symlinks. We might want to adapt the code
from wu-ftpd's realpath.c, but without the seteuid(0) part.)

Stefan Ulrich