[tex-k] some questions about `unixtex.ftp': Obtaining TeX

eiko@degway.phys.ocha.ac.jp eiko@degway.phys.ocha.ac.jp
Fri, 12 Apr 2002 18:27:12 +0900

[Resending --karl]

Dear TUG,

I am trying to install TEX in my home directory,
and I am reading ftp://ftp.tug.org/tex/unixtex.ftp.
I have downloaded the files

  texmflib-7.8.tar.gz  web-7.3.3.tar.gz  web2c-7.3.3.tar.gz
  texk-7.2b.tar.gz  texlib-7.2.tar.gz  xdvik-22.40i.tar.gz 

in my home directory.
(But for some reason I couldn't find  dvipsk.tar.gz.)

In the fourth paragraph of Obtaining TeX,
it says to look at *Note Installation::, or kpathsea/INSTALL.
Would you please tell me where these files are?
Also, does "the necessary sources" in this paragraph mean,
for example, the above files I've downloaded?
Please tell me if I have to get more files to run TEX.

Eiko Fukunaga