[tex-k] mktexfmt ?

Vladimir Volovich vvv@vsu.ru
Mon, 22 Apr 2002 20:19:52 +0400

"FP" == Fabrice Popineau writes:

 >> then, we can use just symlinks latex -> tex and this will work
 >> when there's no latex.fmt

 FP> This should already be done in current TeXLive. Did you try it ?
 FP> Using windows where symlinks do not exist and hating .bat files,
 FP> I was interested in introducing this change ;-)

as i have wrote, i simply forgot that such a feature is already
implemented. hopefully, unix builds will use symlinks instead of shell
wrappers in the future versions of teTeX and TeX Live.

btw, you can now remove amstex.bat from TeX Live win32 executables
(because amstex.exe exists and will make amstex.fmt if necessary),
and also remove fmtutil-related lines from

  pdfcslatexd.bat pdfcslatexi.bat pdfcslatexk.bat
  pdfcsplain.bat pdfcsplaind.bat pdfcsplaini.bat pdfcsplaink.bat