[tex-k] dvipsk on VMS?

Ben Armstrong ben@bgpc.dymaxion.ca
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 12:00:13 -0300

Today I tried compiling dvips from a recent beta of tex-k on a VMS 7.1-2
Alpha system.  I ran ./vms/newmake.com and a number of errors prevented
the make from completing successfully.  Here is a small excerpt of the

char *concat P2C(char *, s1, char *, s2)
%CC-W-MISSINGRETURN, Non-void function "concat" does not contain a return statement.
at line number 351 in file SY:[DYMAX.TEXMF.SOURCE.DVIPSK]DVIPS.C;1

   dontmakefont = !MAKE_TEX_PK_BY_DEFAULT;
%CC-E-UNDECLARED, In this statement, "MAKE_TEX_PK_BY_DEFAULT" is not declared.
at line number 459 in file SY:[DYMAX.TEXMF.SOURCE.DVIPSK]DVIPS.C;1

      if (O_BINARY && !isatty(fileno(stdin)))
%CC-E-UNDECLARED, In this statement, "O_BINARY" is not declared.
at line number 1224 in file SY:[DYMAX.TEXMF.SOURCE.DVIPSK]DVIPS.C;1

Before I spend too much time trying to work out these snags, does anyone
have a dvipsk for VMS?  I would like to embed fonts so I can produce pdf
documents with all Type 1 fonts.  I have successfully used Ghostscript
on VMS to do this, but I had to use dvips on Linux to produce the .ps
input.  This workaround is fine for testing, but I cannot use it in

The version of dvips in the VMS TeX97 distribution at CTAN is 5.58.
Am I right to assume that the config.pdf from dvipsk is useless with
this version of dvips?

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