[tex-k] dvips -E producing "corrupt" output for rotated figures

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard@kammer.uni-hannover.de
Fri, 9 Aug 2002 22:16:39 +0200

>>>>> "Diab" == Diab Jerius <dj@head-cfa.harvard.edu> writes:

    > Hi, I'm using tetex v. 1.0, dvips v. 5.86.  I've been debugging
    > a latex2html problem, and have come across the following
    > unexpected behavior from dvips.  If the latex source rotates an
    > EPSF figure, dvips -E produces "corrupt" output.  I've attached
    > a short LaTeX document and a short PostScript file to illustrate
    > the problem (the file is simply a.ps from the graphics package).

The reason is that dvips itself has no PS interpreter built in.  LaTeX
inserts PS code into the dvi file for rotation but this code is
evaluated by the PS interpreter in your printer.

You can use ps2epsi (comes with gs) or use pdfTeX and pdftops.

If you only want to rotate/scale EPS files it would be a good idea to
find out whether this can be done by "convert" from ImageMagick.

    > Rather than attach my output, please view it at

This is the only correct way.


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