[tex-k] Re: TAB at the end of 1st line %&

Fabrice Popineau Fabrice.Popineau@supelec.fr
Thu, 07 Mar 2002 09:16:03 +0100

Along the same line, I really really wonder if it is such a good idea
to let tcx files translate filenames. As I stated previously,
the pack_buffered_name() function will translate the name of your

As I understand it, tcx files are an easy way to let your local TeX
process a file typed in on a different machine with a different
locale. What if I set up a tcx file for translating EBCDIC -> Latin1 ?
Or if I'm using a local format file called "franšais" ? There was a
post on the GUTenberg mailing list from a guy who set up a
cp850-fr.tcx file (Dos 850 -> latin1). He was complaining of pdflatex
not finding his .fmt file when using the -translate-file option,
without a clue to find why. It turned out that he tried to make the
hyphen (0x2d, latin1) be (0xf0, 850). But he messed it up and typed the
dot (0x2e) instead of the hyphen. Then his pdflatex.fmt came
translated into pdflatex|eth|fmt (0xf0, latin1), hence was not found.

What do you think about these problems ?