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The 13th Annual Meeting of the European TeX users & 10th Polish TeX Conference
                              EuroBachoTeX 2002
    April 29 - May 3, 2002, Bachotek (Brodnica Lake District), Poland

The coming annual meeting of Polish TeX Users Group GUST, held
traditionally at the Nicholas Copernicus University holiday retreat in
Bachotek at the Bachotek lake, will be combined with the 13th annual
meeting of the European TeX users. 

This conference should and will be made exceptional. Next year we, the
TeX community, will be celebrating the 25th, silver, TeX anniversary.
During that time TeX has proven itself indispensable in the area of high
quality on-paper publishing. It has also found a way into the electronic
publication revolution. But there is progress around us and competitive
pressure is mounting. We have to think about how to deal with what is
approaching. Already for some years ideas have been floating around and
it is about time to flesh them out. Many people renowned for their TeX
expertise are going to come and contribute.

Last but not least, it will be the 10th, jubilee, meeting of GUST. We,
the organisers, will make everything necessary to create a friendly,
relaxed environment in which the attendees will be able to gain as much
as possible from the talks and personal contacts.

You too should come to EuroBachoTeX 2002 to witness and join the effort
to open the way for TeX to live happily to at least its golden
The language of the meeting is English, but during the last two days
Polish language presentations will also be given. For all presentations
English language abstracts will be provided and if required, on a case
by case basis translations for Polish language talks will be arranged.

The theme of the meeting is

                       ***   TeX and beyond   ***

There will be talks on TeX, LaTeX and ConTeXt, on fonts, on hypenation
and other linguistics issues, on scholarly publications, including
bibliography processing, on merging graphics and text, on typography, on
XML, on running TeX as a daemon and other subjects. The organisers
guarantee many opportunites from early morning into late at night to
talk to a great many friendly TeXperts, TeXnicians, TeXies as well as
mere mortals.

Conference material (proceedings, etc.) will be available at the meeting.

Everything you need to know about the meeting can be found on its web page:


There you will also find out about how to get to Bachotek, as e.g., on a
FREE bus :-) courtesy of NTG, how to register and how much it does cost
;-(. Early registration deadline is March 25.

For more information, please contact the GUST secretary,
Jola Szelaty\'nska, Information and Communication Technology Centre
of Nicholas Copernicus University, Gagarina 7, 87-100 Toru\'n, POLAND,
tel. +48 56 6114516, email: secretary@gust.org.pl.

The EuroBachoTeX Organizing Committee, euroBachoTeX-org@gust.org.pl