[tex-k] Latex warning: citation...undefined

Christoph Bier christoph_bier@web.de
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:44:43 +0100

i'm using WEB2C 7.3.1 (bibtex 0.99c) and cannot create .bbl resp. a 
correct .aux. doing
'latex file.tex' results in warnings like that:

LaTeX Warning: Citation `gehalt:handb:8' on page 1 undefined on input 
line 22.

examplary file.tex looks like this:











i don't know where a mistake could be. maybe i use old style files as 
mentioned in btxdoc...
but how can i check this?
i used the way of citation like described in a latex-book. in btxdoc i 
cannot find anything
  appropriate - except the part with the old style files. i also checked 
the tex-k archive
unsuccesfully and browsed the web the last three weeks.
can somebody help me?