[tex-k] Problem with klibtool and/or kpathsea install on Mac OS X

Gerben Wierda Sherlock@rna.nl
Wed, 23 Oct 2002 14:40:07 +0200

When klibtool installs libkpathsea in its libdir destination, the 
timestamp on the library file gets newer than the ranlib table of 
contents. As a result, a non-functional (linking against it will fail) 
libkpathsea.a is installed. As a result, a 'make extras' on TeX Live 
will always fail because this includes a kpathsea install and a 
reconfigure of ttf2pk, which checks for kpathsea (this while procedure 
is confused in itself, but let's not get into that)

The kpathsea makefile sets the RANLIB variable, but this seems not to 
effect klibtool.

To be able to install TeX Live on systems where the ranlib table of 
contents is checked against the file date, this needs to be fixed. 
Could anyone please do this (it is beyond my capabilities) and sync it 
with the TeX Live source.development repository? My TeX distribution 
and support for TeX on Mac OS X is stalled as long as this has not been