[tex-k] Problem with kpathsea (in latest web2c 7.3.9)

Gerben Wierda Sherlock@rna.nl
Thu, 24 Oct 2002 14:28:51 +0200

On my system there are currently two TeX installations: /usr/local/TeX  
and /usr/local/teTeX. They are more or less identical. Important for my  
problem is the fact that both have a top-level texmf.cnf, which starts  
like this:

% Our directory setup as explained in  
% TEXMFMAIN contains the main TEXMF tree
% TEXMFOS contains Mac OS specific defaults and additions
% TEXMFLOCAL contains any local system TeXadmin overrides
% $VARTEXMF is where texconfig writes its local settings
% User texmf trees can be catered for like this...
HOMETEXMF = $HOME/Library/texmf

I have a small perl file whith the following commands:

system( "which kpsewhich");
system( "kpsewhich --format='web2c files' updmap.cfg");

Here is my problem. When the path is (never mind the reason why this  
path is like it is):


I get


The second line is wrong (in fact what /usr/local/TeX is, is the prefix  
with which kpathsea has been compiled, it is the compiled-in fallback).  
It should be:


which is what I get when the path is


In other words: does SELFAUTO... not work when I have stuff like ../..  
in my PATH?