[tex-k] Re: format files

Olaf Weber olaf@infovore.xs4all.nl
25 Oct 2002 22:15:42 +0200

Thomas Esser writes:
> Olaf Weber wrote:

>> I'm not sure to what extent this is really tex-k specific.  However, I
>> do have an idea of what to change so that TeX will "adapt" its search
>> paths to the name of the format it is trying to load, pretty much
>> regardless of how this was specified.

> This does change the existing behaviour and users might already depend
> on it, e.g. LaTeX users who use the mylatex package:

>   latex \&mylatex foo

> There is no TEXINPUTS.mylatex and users will get the default TEXINPUTS
> setting instead of TEXINPUTS.latex.

Right.  You'd have to somehow make the TEXINPUTS.latex path the
fallback instead of the "normal" TEXINPUTS.

However, are 'tex \&mylatex foo' and 'latex \&mylatex foo' supposed to
have identical results -- it seems to me you're in for a surprise
there anyway.

>> Thomas, WDYT?

> Before you do that change, get some other opinions.

More opinions?


> Thomas

Olaf Weber

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