[tex-k] dvips T1 partial downloading & SmallCaps fonts

Mark Potse M.Potse@amc.uva.nl
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 16:37:35 +0200

Dear tex-k,

I'd like to report a little problem that I encountered using
dvips. There may be a minor bug involved.

I was using a Type 1 font that provides only small caps, to
create both a smallcaps 8r encoded font and an 8x encoded
font. The 8x font contains only oldstyle digits, since the 
other Expert characters are absent, and is used to
create OT1 and T1 encoded fonts with oldstyle digits.

The psfonts.map entries look like this:

  pplr8x   Palatino-SC  <PalatSC.pfa          
  pplrc8r  Palatino-SC  "TeXBase1Encoding ReEncodeFont" <8r.enc  <PalatSC.pfa

Thus, Palatino-SC may turn up in a single document with different

Now, if I process this snippet with TeX

 \font\test=pplrc8r  {\test fiflo}
 \font\rm=pplr8x     {\rm 1}

and dvips with partial downloading switched on (the default, me 
being unaware of that), I get the following warnings:

  This is dvips(k) 5.86 [...]
  <tex.pro><8r.enc><texps.pro>. <PalatSC.pfa> 
  WARNING: Not all chars found. Debug: Char 2 '/dotlessj'
  Debug: Char 3 '/ff' [1] 

Note that I didn't use a dottlessj or ff anywhere (and I don't 
know any encoding where they appear in a position that I

In the PostScript output, dvips has knocked out the FI
and FL ligatures; only the `o' and `1' appear.

Of course I can prevent all trouble with (font-specific)
complete downloading. But it took me (not quite a novice)
a day to discover where the problem starts. Maybe the case 
of fonts that turn up in different encodings deserves 
attention in the manual. Moreover, the WARNING mentions 
the wrong glyph names, I suppose that's a bug.

I hope this information suffices; I'd rather not bother you
with all of the files needed to reproduce the problems. But
of course I am ready to provide any files you need.

best regards,


 Mark Potse           <http://www.xs4all.nl/~mpotse>
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