[tex-k] texi2dvi: tex --file-line-error-style '\nonstopmode' does not work

Akim Demaille akim at epita.fr
Tue Aug 19 15:57:20 CEST 2003

I think this is a bug in tex.  Or at least I saw no mention of this
behavior in the man page.

Index: ChangeLog
from  Akim Demaille  <akim at epita.fr>

	Workaround a TeX bug: --file-line-error-style '\nonstopmode'
	does not honor the non stop mode request.

	* util/texi2dvi (tex_args): Instead of using '\nonstopmode',
	pass '--interaction=nonstopmode'.

Index: util/texi2dvi
RCS file: /cvsroot/texinfo/texinfo/util/texi2dvi,v
retrieving revision 1.24
diff -u -u -r1.24 texi2dvi
--- util/texi2dvi 2 Jul 2003 14:23:28 -0000 1.24
+++ util/texi2dvi 19 Aug 2003 12:51:02 -0000
@@ -494,12 +494,15 @@
   # If possible, make TeX report error locations in GNU format.
   case `$tex --help </dev/null 2>&1` in
-   *file-line-error-style*) tex_args='--file-line-error-style';;
+   *file-line-error-style*) tex_args="$tex_args --file-line-error-style";;
   # Tell TeX to be batch if requested.  (\batchmode does not show
   # terminal output at all, so we don't want that.)
-  $batch && tex_args="$tex_args ${escape}nonstopmode ${escape}input"
+  $batch &&
+    case `$tex --help </dev/null 2>&1` in
+     *interaction*) tex_args="$tex_args --interaction=nonstopmode";;
+    esac
   # Expand macro commands in the original source file using Makeinfo.
   # Always use `end' footnote style, since the `separate' style

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