[tex-k] Which fonts are installed?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Feb 24 08:20:50 CET 2003

    Somebody suggested me to look for all *.tfm files and test them

That will get all the common ones, but .tfm's can be dynamically
generated, so the list is effectively infinite.  Perhaps no ec tfm's
were pre-existing?  Seems kind of surprising, but possible.

For outline fonts, it might work to do all the pfa/pfb/ttf files (in
TEXMF/fonts/type1 and TEXMF/fonts/truetype).  Unless you have tfm's for
the fonts in a printer installed!  Anyway, those comprise almost all of
the (Latin) text fonts, if that'll suffice.

For all the mf fonts, I don't think there is any easy way.  You could
look at TEXMF/fonts/source/* for files ending in a number
(foo[0-9]*.mf), but not all fonts follow that pattern.

I can't think of any guaranteed "simple" way to get all the fonts.  You'd
have to build some typeface-specific knowledge into the script about
which are the top-level filenames on which to run mf.

Hope this helps at least a little :).


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