[tex-k] Problems of Xdvi in CYGWIN

Rodrigo Medina rodmedina at cantv.net
Wed Jul 23 10:43:45 CEST 2003

 Dear Sirs;

I have just upgraded xdvik to version 22.76.1
My system is a windows95  box with cygwin version 1.3.22 and 
XFree86 (X11R6). I compiled with gcc 3.2.

I had the following problems:

1) The linker complianted because:
multiple definition of `_XtRemoveTimeOut'
: first defined here
 multiple definition of `_XtAppAddTimeOut'
: first defined here

I commented out the functions in events.c and the compilation
arrived to the end.

2) The xdvik that was produced failed to find almost any file. So it
was continuously making fonts like cmr10.600pk.
Nevertheless  the tetex distribution that comes with cygwin is OK.
The kpsewhich that comes with that distribution is OK.
I found that the problem was due to the kpathsea library version 3.4.5
that comes with xdvik-22.76.1. In config.h  CYGWIN is defined as
DOSISH, so the path-separator is defined as ";". That IS WRONG,
for CYGWIN the path separator is ":", exactly as in standard UNIX.
Compiling with a modified config.h, in which the lines in which
CYGWIN appears were commented out, yielded a perfectly behaving

I hope that this comments may be useful.

Rodrigo Medina
rmedina at ivic.ve


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