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I'm very sorry to pass on this announcement. As you all know, Michael was a
member of the LaTeX Team and a very dear friend. I will miss him


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 Subject: Michael Downes
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 This notice is posted with great sadness.

 Michael Downes, a long-time employee of the American Math Society
 and the principal author of AMS-LaTeX and related packages,
 passed away last Saturday, March 8, 2003.  He was diagnosed with
 brain cancer in mid-December, and it progressed more swiftly
 and devastatingly than anyone anticipated.

 Mike leaves three daughters, his former wife, his mother, four
 brothers, three sisters, and many nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles
 and cousins.

 A memorial service will be held in Woonsocket, RI, on Saturday,
 March 15, at the Holy Family Church, 414 South Main Street.

 To his friends who cannot be there to mourn with us, please keep
 Mike's family in your prayers.
                                        -- Barbara Beeton

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