[tex-k] Error messages when including eps file produced by grops

Werner LEMBERG wl at gnu.org
Mon Mar 31 19:05:21 CEST 2003

[grops is the PS device of groff]

> This has been outstanding for a while - is there a simple fix for
> it?  When including any .eps file produced by dvips, grops emits an
> error message for every %%BeginProcSet line.  So, the attached .eps
> file gives the errors:
> grops:herigone1.eps:11: missing argument

The problem is not grops but dvips: The %%BeginProcSet lines are
missing both the version and revision numbers.  From Adobe's

  %%BeginProcSet: <procname>

    <procname> ::= <name> <version> <revision>
      <name> ::= <text>
      <version> ::= <real>
      <revision> ::= <uint>

  A procname token describes a procedure set (procset), which is a
  block of PostScript language definitions.  A procset is labeled by a
  text string describing its contents and a version number.  A procset
  version may undergo several revisions, which is indicated by the
  revision number.  Procset names should be descriptive and
  meaningful.  It is also suggested that the corporate name and
  application name be used as part of the procset name to reduce
  conflicts, as in this example:

    (MyCorp MyApp - Graphic Objects) 1.1 0
    Adobe-Illustrator-Prolog 2.0 1

  The name, version, and revision fields should uniquely identify the
  procset.  If a version numbering scheme is not used, these fields
  should still be filled with a dummy value of 0.

A simple

  sed -e "s/\(%%BeginProcSet: .*\)/\1 0 0/" < infile > outfile

will fix it.

It should be straightforward to correct dvips.


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