[tex-k] Mistake in texmf.cnf in texmflib-7.10.tar.gz?

Joel Reicher joel at panacea.null.org
Sat May 24 18:31:23 CEST 2003

> >>>>> "Joel" == Joel Reicher <joel at panacea.null.org> writes:
>     > Grabbed the latest texmflib, web, and web2c tarballs, built and
>     > installed.  Path searching didn't work. The `built' texmf.cnf
>     > had not been installed over the old and `wrong' one in the
>     > texmflib tarball because that one didn't have the `original
>     > texmf.cnf' line in it.
>     > Mistake?
> No, it's a feature.
> You should only remove the word `original' from texmf.cnf if you want
> to prevent the file from being overwritten.

Umm, that's my point. I was fairly certain the texmf.cnf in the tarball
*should* have been overwritten by the one generated in the build, but it
wasn't because it had the word `original' removed.

> And do not remove the word `original' if you don't know what you are
> doing. 

It's not there at all which, again, is my point. :) Perhaps I've
misunderstood what the build is supposed to be doing, but it's not the
first time I've done this...


	- Joel

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