[tex-k] dvips produces postscript which bombs out

Martin Schroeder martin at oneiros.de
Sun May 25 22:07:59 CEST 2003

On 2003-05-26 01:11:08 +1200, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
> Thanks much for looking at this Tom, and for the explanation. I'll file
> a bug report with ImageMagick.
> > I'm sure there's an option to create an ASCII EPSF; I'd use that.  The
> > increase in space shouldn't be more than about 25% for that graphic.
> You're right, turning the compression off in IM (option +compress)
> makes the whole process work. The non-compressed .eps file is over 10
> times as big, but that's not a primary concern.
> ---
> > Ghostscript (ps2pdf14) obviously does not evaluate the "%%BoundingBox"
> > comment and assumes letter paper.
> Yes, gs writes the current page size (A4, etc) into the pdf. I don't
> know the specs for pdf and whether this is a bug in gs. Copying the 4
> bbox numbers from the eps into the pdf makes things work (this could
> even be scripted). Haven't tried gs 8.
> > ImageMagick's png->pdf conversion obviously doesn't support transparency,
> > (at least it does't work for me) but I must admit that I have a too
> > old version.
> IM 5.5.4 and 5.5.7 produce a .pdf which, after going through pdflatex,
> does not show up as transparent.

Is it pdf1.4? Does pdfTeX produce pdf1.4?

> How do you preview an eps or pdf and determine whether it has any
> transparent areas? I haven't found a way yet to do this with gs or gv.

You probably have to analyze the pdf file directly. But it must
be 1.4++ anyway.

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