[tex-k] Mistake in texmf.cnf in texmflib-7.10.tar.gz?

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Mon May 26 05:00:12 CEST 2003

>>>>> "Joel" == Joel Reicher <joel at panacea.null.org> writes:

    > No, *I* haven't removed the word `original' - the file in the
    > texmflib tarball never had it, and I'm under the impression it
    > should.

    > AFAIUI, the build takes place after the texmflib tarball has
    > been unpacked, and the build also generates a new texmf.cnf so
    > it can have the correct paths written into it. A `make install'
    > should then overwrite the texmf.cnf which was in the texmflib
    > tarball. This is not happening, however, because that original
    > file is missing the word `original'.

I looked into /CTAN/tex-archive/systems/web2c/texmflib-7.9.tar.gz
and didn't find a texmf.cnf at all.  There are some texmf.cnf files in
the web2c distribution but they are all in the triptrap directories
and are not intended for an end-user.  Thus they do not have the
`original' in it.

Shall I send you teTeX's texmf.cnf by private mail?


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