[tex-k] -format/-progname

Hans Hagen pragma at wxs.nl
Wed Oct 29 11:33:23 CET 2003

At 04:05 29/10/2003, Paul Vojta wrote:

>Clearly progname should suggest "program name".  There is no program
>named "fonts" in TeX, nor any program named "doc".  There are programs
>named "tex", "latex", "dvips", "xdvi", etc., and if you look in texmf.cnf,
>you will see those program names appearing after environment variables
>in lines of the form "<var>.<progname>=<value>".

in my opinion there is not really program 'latex', since it's just a call 
to tex with format name latex; in a sense it's not so different from file 
assiciations, i.e. latex.efmt could launch tex with an etex-latex format; 
so, there is no real difference between latex being a program and 
readme.txt being a program (where readme.txt would start an editor or 


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