[tex-k] 'updmap' 2.0 and lcdf-typetools

Eddie Kohler kohler at CS.UCLA.EDU
Wed Aug 18 03:28:53 CEST 2004

Hi all,

I'm trying to puzzle through how otftotfm from lcdf-typetools should be 
updated to work with the newest TeX installations, and specifically 
with TDS 1.1, and could use some advice.

The otftotfm program's "--automatic" option is used to install fonts 
automatically.  It may need to install .tfm, .vf, .pfb, and .enc files, 
to modify or install psfonts.map files, and possibly to run "updmap".  
The problem comes with .map and .enc files, whose locations have 
changed, and with the 'updmap' script, which is now first-class.

Previously otftotfm:

(0) Installed encodings in "TEXMF/dvips/lcdftools/WHATEVER.enc"
(1) Updated or created the file "TEXMF/dvips/lcdftools.map"
(2) Ran the script "TEXMF/dvips/updmap" if it existed.

Now presumably it should:

(0) Install encodings in "TEXMF/fonts/enc/dvips/lcdftools/WHATEVER.enc"
(1) Update or create the file 
(2) Run "updmap"?

I have two questions.

(1) Should otftotfm also install or update map files for other 
programs?  Which ones?
(2) The new updmap is quite slow, which is a bummer.  Should otftotfm 
run "TEXMF/dvips/updmap" if it exists, and the global "updmap" 

Any opinions or suggestions would be appreciated.

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