[tex-k] makeindex breaks up index group on a capitalized entry

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Aug 21 18:15:47 CEST 2004

    The problem I have is related to generating Cyrillic indices
    with makeindex(1) 

I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your question.  Delving into the
source is probably the only way to find out what is happening.

I did a little looking at the sources I could find, which leads to a
question of my own: who is maintaining makeindex?

- The version in TeX Live has some newer files than the version on CTAN.

- The usual suspects (rahtz, te, popineau) have been checking things in,
  but the changes seem related to infrastructure rather than actual
  program features.

- The last entry in the ChangeLog is 1998, by Eli Zaretskii.  I am
  positive Eli does not want to maintain it.

- I know Pehong wrote it (I was at Berkeley when he did, in fact).  But
  I haven't heard from him in years, and doubt very much he is working
  on it.  Nelson is mentioned also, and while he is of course one of the
  most active TeX people around, I'm sure he doesn't have time to
  maintain it either.

- There is no current contact address anywhere that I can see.  --help
  and --version are not implemented.

Do we need to look for a maintainer?


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