[tex-k] 'updmap' 2.0 and lcdf-typetools

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Aug 25 00:18:23 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Eddie" == Eddie Kohler <kohler at CS.UCLA.EDU> writes:

    >> If otftotfm creates .map files on the fly, it is much better to
    >> simply append them to psfonts.map, pdftex.map and dvipdfm.map.

    > Could you explain what you mean?

Suppose otftotfm creates a file mynewfont.map and puts it somewhere
where updmap can find it, you can run updmap to recreate psfonts.map,
pdftex.map and dvipdfm.map.  This is slow, of course.

But you can say
    cat mynewfont.map >> psfonts.map
    cat mynewfont.map >> pdftex.map

A bit more work has to be done for dvipdfm.map because of its
different format.

BTW., my assumption was that you want to invoke otftotfm from a script
like mktextfm.  In this case speed is important.

If you just use otftotfm to install fonts then you have to run updmap
only once and not for each font you install.  Then speed doen't

If you want to test a font you have just installed, maybe you can
maintain your own map file (psfonts.map, pdftex.map...) and force the
programs to use this one by setting an environment variable. 


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