[tex-k] dvitomp update: support \Black, \Red, and similar colordvi commands

Eddie Kohler kohler at cs.ucla.edu
Sun Aug 29 18:59:50 CEST 2004

>>The following patch, against the dvitomp.ch in
>>tetex-src-beta-, changes the color support to parse
>>"color push rgb", "color push cmyk", and "color push gray" specials --
>>all the specials understood by dvips -- as well as the existing named
>>colors.  I think dvitomp is now as smart as dvips as far as colors are
> [...]
>>Olaf/Thomas, any comments?
> You may want to play with this version and let me know whether it
> works as it should.  It is derived from your code by using c_strings
> in the color stack itself.

It works great, and I agree that it's a better design.


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