[tex-k] dvitomp update: support \Black, \Red, and similar colordvi commands

Stephan Hennig stephanhennig at web.de
Sun Aug 29 19:11:15 CEST 2004

John Hobby schrieb:

> The reason why I never implemented dvi specials in dvitomp was mostly
> laziness, but I also thought that there wasn't much of a need.
> A. I wanted to keep the typesetting capabilities as simple as possible and
>    rely on the main part of the MetaPost language for features such as color.
>    I should think that most users could just do something like this:
>      color Cerulean; Cerulean= (0.0600122, 0.889988, 1.0);
>      draw btex This is blue! etex withcolor Cerulean;
>      label(image(draw btex This is blue! etex withcolor Cerulean), z0);

Unfortunately, that doesn't work when the picture contains different
colors. You would then have to decompose the picture into parts
consisting of only one color and place them one after another. The
problem showed up to me when using contour.sty, which does a good job in
preparing graphics for presentations. You can use it to raise contrast
when writing stuff on a background pattern. I'd love to see one of the
patches discussed here included in dvitomp.

Stephan Hennig

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