[tex-k] kpathsea/Makefile.in quoting of "$(CC)"

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Fri Dec 3 15:29:43 CET 2004

Ricard, thanks for the report.

Olaf, this is referring to line 36 of the kpathsea/Makefile.in
distributed with TL'04.


Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 17:16:16 -0600
From: Ricard Torres <rtorres at itam.mx>
To: kb at mail.tug.org
Subject: Small patch

Hello Karl,

It's been a while that I wanted to report the following minor 
problem with the kpathsea Makefile (actually, "Makefile.in").
Since now a new release is out, I finally do it. You have
a libtool line in which you quote "$(CC)", but this is wrong,
and can give rise to errors if one defines $CC to be something
like I have in my case:

i3c12a:rtorres$ echo $CC
/usr/local/gcc/bin/gcc -B/usr/local/gcc/bin/ -B/usr/local/gcc/libexec/gcc/

Becase I have the new release of gcc in /usr/local/gcc.

I attach the small patch that takes care of it.
Should I report it to the teTeX creator?

Ricard Torres
Centro de Investigación Económica (CIE)  mailto:rtorres at itam.mx
ITAM                                     http://ciep.itam.mx/~rtorres/
Camino a Santa Teresa #930	         +52 55 5628 4197 (office)
México D.F. 10700, México		 +52 55 5628 4058 (fax)

< KPATHSEA_CC = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=compile $(CC)
> KPATHSEA_CC = $(LIBTOOL) --mode=compile "$(CC)"

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