[tex-k] Re(2): [texhax] Metafont graphic display under X11

Yannis Haralambous yannis.haralambous at enst-bretagne.fr
Sun Feb 1 22:53:48 CET 2004

======Karl Berry dixit:

>    So I am asking the question: how, using mfw, do I get graphic display
>    under X
>Hi Yannis,
>I can't speak to MacOSX, but under GNU/Linux, with DISPLAY set to :0,
>mfw works for me (TeX Live 2003, that is, Metafont (Web2C 7.5.2)

I did what you said and here is the result:

bash-2.05a$ mfw "&plain testmfw.mf" 
This is METAFONT, Version 2.7182 (Web2C 7.3.8)
mf: Window support for X was not compiled into this binary.
mf: There may be a binary called `mfw' on your system which
mf: does contain X window support.

It's quite funny to read "there may be a binary called `mfw'" while it is
precisely mfw which is running... I think it would be more honest not to
include mfw at all, if it's the same as mf.

If anyone knows about a working mfw under MacOS X please let me know.

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