[tex-live] Re: [tex-k] TeX finding filenames with spaces

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Thu Jan 15 00:42:07 CET 2004

Pierre MacKay wrote:

>. . . by definition format independent.  
>Of course it is, and I wish there were fewer cases when such
>intervention was needed.
it was always be needed if you stick with TeX.....

>  My point is that with human-readable files
>format independent intervention is grubby but possible.  I can edit
>TeX source and PostScript output in a text editor.  I suppose I could
>edit DVI in emacs, but because it is aggressively human-unreadable, I
>don't even try.  Likewise with PDF.
true. it just forces you to be honest :-}

>I quite agree that the LaTeX folks have not yet taken color seriously
>enough, but it is not likely that they soon will.
I would bet a lot of money that they never will.

>Meanwhile there is still the problem of dealing with color spaces
>in a purely text environment.  For graphics, you can dodge around 
>the problem by using EPS, (and hope that one of the transformation
>bugs doesn't bite you on the way) but for type, the color space has
>to be right there near the text.  How do you do that in something
>you can't edit?
You embed instructions in the source, which the pdfTeX compiler turns 
into a final PDF file.
I must be missing something, I think. Isn't this what we always did?

I am not competent to discuss this, mind, as I have not done any colour 
work for years.  Last time
I tried our printer told me off for not doing it right, so now I let him 
do what he wants in Quark.
He gets stuff into there by reading Word files which are created from 
HTML , which I create with
a transformation from source XML.

did I just get myself drummed out of the club :-}


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