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ArabTeX status arabtex at azu.informatik.uni-stuttgart.de
Wed Jan 28 04:16:38 CET 2004

The current version of the ArabTeX system is (3.11) of August 22, 2003.
The current patch level is (3.11e) of December 23, 2003.
For details see the files "arabtex.htm" and "changes.txt".

- How to install version (3.11) on top of an older version:
  Put all files in the TEXINPUT subdirectory onto your TEXINPUT path.
- How to install afresh: see the file "install.txt".
- How to install the current patch only: 
  Get and replace "apatch.sty" on your TEXINPUT path by the new version.

New versions of ArabTeX will be announced here and also in the newsgroup
and may be downloaded by FTP from the CTAN servers: 
or directly from:
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