[tex-k] font metrics and style files from dviljk package

Leif Harcke lharcke at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 15 00:14:01 CET 2004

I'm thinking of putting together an updated LaTeX 2e package for selecting
the standard 45 PCL typefaces using NFSS, similar to the psnfss package
for the standard 35 PostScript fonts.  I don't think anything has been
done in this area since Andy Piper wrote the original hpfonts.sty and
associated *.sty packages back in 1994 for dviljk v2.0.  His package only
included style files for a limited subset of the 45 standard PCL fonts
which were available on the LaserJet 4L printer (a low end device).  
Mainly, the families CG Omega (an Optima clone), Garamond, Arial, and
Times New are missing associated *.sty files, and the code could be
cleaned up a bit.

The problem is that I'm not sure where these style files have wandered off
to in CTAN.  The ChangeLogs for dviljk-2.x available from
http://www.tug.org/ftp/historic/systems/dviware/dviljk/ have no mention of
where they went to between the 2.6 and 2.7 releases, though it is apparent
that the TFM and *.sty files were separated from the main dviljk
distribution.  Current teTeX v2.0.2 has a different branch of the dviljk
source code. In the dviljk-2.6p2 ChangeLog in the teTeX distribution, I
found the following entry

Thu Jan  1 10:58:34 1998  Sebastian Rahtz  <s.rahtz at elsevier.co.uk>

        * tfm.c: KPATHSEA redefined (peb)

        * Removed src.fonts, fonts and tex to a separate `ljfonts'
        distribution on CTAN. They dont really belong here

which would seem to indicate that Sebastian Rahtz removed the TFM and
*.sty files to a separate package on CTAN.  My searches of CTAN using both
the internal search engine and Google have not turned up such a package.  
Can anyone provide me with a link to the current source package for the
font metrics and style files?

thanks much,

Leif Harcke
Electrical Engineering Dept.
Stanford Univ.

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