[tex-k] font metrics and style files from dviljk package

Patrick TJ McPhee ptjm at interlog.com
Wed Mar 17 02:22:54 CET 2004

Karl Berry wrote:
%     Subject: [tex-k] font metrics and style files from dviljk package

% I can not find it on CTAN either.  There is definitely nothing named
% `hpfonts.sty' or `ljfonts'.

There's a full set of metrics from Norm Walsh called ljmetrics, though.
For dvilj to use the built-in fonts, the header information in the
TFM file has to be set up the way it's set up in those files. I can
elucidate if it becomes an issue.

I have the PTF CD from 1994, but hpfonts.sty doesn't seem to be on there,

% Finally, by coincidence, Patrick McPhee (cc-d) wrote a couple of months
% ago about resuming dvilj(k) development.  I don't know if he has had any
% time to work on it, but I thought he might like to know, and/or you
% would like to test any new versions he might release ...

I've done a bit with graphics support -- fixed vertical positioning for
psfile and implemented pdf:image, which supports ps, pdf, png, jpg, and
netpnm formats using filters based on the netpbm suite of tools. I can
also define a graphic as a laserjet macro, so I can load it once. and
put it on the page repeatedly. I think scaling of pdf images doesn't
work properly right now, and the use of filters introduces an exploit
which I'd like to fix before moving the code off this machine. I also
made some of the cosmetic changes I mentioned before. I plan to make
a release before the end of spring (but reserve the right to pick
which hemisphere).


Patrick TJ McPhee
East York  Canada
ptjm at interlog.com

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