[tex-k] Re: tug.ctan.org upload: pclnfss

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Wed Mar 17 22:02:03 CET 2004

>>>>> "Leif" == Leif Harcke <lharcke at stanford.edu> writes:

    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/garamond.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/timesnew.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/albertus.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/clarend.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/ltgothic.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/arial.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/coronet.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/antolive.sty
    > pclnfss-0.1/tex/latex/pclnfss/marigold.sty

Hi Leif,
it is quite likely that the names of your .sty files will clash with
files people already have on their systems.

Years ago, Thierry Bouche uploaded the support files for the Bitstream
500 fonts CD.  The .sty files all begin with a "b" for Bitstream (for
instance bunivers.sty).  This scheme prevents clashes with fonts from
other foundries.  In my opinion it's a very good idea.

I do not expect problems with arial.sty or timesnew.sty if Monotype is
the only supplier for those fonts, but garamond.sty will certainly be
a problem.


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