[tex-k] no mktexlsr in INSTALL [tetex 2.0.2 fails to install]

Ilya N. Golubev gin at mo.msk.ru
Wed Nov 10 21:21:44 CET 2004

When wrote on Sat, 06 Nov 2004 00:27:53 +0300
(<0350418bf05850-gin at mo.msk.ru>), did not mention violation of
procedure described in `INSTALL' I did.  Did not unpack `texmf' tree
before `make install'.

And `INSTALL' did not say that doing so without updating file search
database will break the installation.  Neither it said what should be
done if one changes his mind about what `texmf' archive to unpack so
that files from the new one are found properly while tetex works.  So
surprises like this should be common.

Adding a reference to (kpathsea) documentation saying how to update
file search database to <final configuration steps> would avoid this.

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