[tex-k] Again: Patch to make Metapost work with groff.

Michail Vidiassov master at iaas.msu.ru
Mon Nov 29 06:19:40 CET 2004

Dear Olaf,

I was glad to see my patch for dmp.c in the recent tetex beta.
But one part of the patch has been dropped.
MAXCHARS and Hprime have to be increased, since groff
goes UNICODE and the total number of chacarcer codes in
PS font description files already
IS greater then 256 in the new groff distributions.
It can be MUCH greater then 256 for multilingual
Windows TT fonts.

                 Sincerely, Michail

On Fri, 23 Jul 2004, Olaf Weber wrote:

> >>> I suggest some patches to make Metapost work with groff.
> >>>  am not an expert in both, but "it works for me".
> >> Thanks for the patches.  I may have some questions for you once I've
> > But there were no future communication on the subject.
> For various reasons it landed on back burner.
> It's part of the backlog that I hope I'll get in.

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