[tex-k] xdvik 22.84.4: huge screen from geometry

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Nov 29 17:54:53 CET 2004

Hello Stefan and all,

With xdvik 22.84.4 for i386-linux, shipped with TeX Live 2004, when I
specify a geometry with just a position, such as -0-0 or +0+0 (either in
.Xdefaults or on the command line), I get a truly huge window.  Several
times the size of the display, at least.  xwininfo reports a width of
32761 and height of 2068.  The normal display is still there, in the
upper left of the huge window.

I can work around this by specifying a widthxheight in the geometry as
well as the position, but I thought I should report it.  It was not the
case in any earlier release I've used.  us vs. a4 paper size did not
make a difference.  (BTW, can you implement "letter" as an alias for
"us"?  Everything else accepts letter ...)  

Looking at the NEWS entries for 22.84.5 and .6, I don't see anything
that looks related, although I'm trying .6 anyway.

System is Red Hat 9, with fvwm2.4.4 for the window manager.  

$ xdvi --version
xdvik version 22.84.4 (Xaw toolkit)
Libraries: kpathsea version 3.5.3, T1lib version 5.0.1


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