[tex-k] Bug in TeX 3.141592

Sam Lauber sam124 at operamail.com
Fri Apr 1 19:08:21 CEST 2005

I think I have found a bug in TeX.  According to ``TeX: The Program'', the 
construction ``\input\input f'' is explictly prohibited (this is due to the 
implementation of the functions that do \input).  But I put in ``file1''


put in ``file2''

\message{In file2}

and ran ``tex \input\input file1''.  It did not print ``In file2'', and TeX did not 
give an error.  It also had the strange effect of thinking my input file was 
called ``.tex''!!  This is definitly a bug, because it is not what ``TeX: The 
Program'' says.  Also if I try typing ``\input\input file1'' in response to the 
`*' prompt, it does the same thing, except reverts to ``texput''.  

Samuel Lauber

P.S. TRIP should probably test this.  
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