Bug#266718: [tex-k] (fwd) Bug#266718: dvips: Fails to properly

=?big5?B?p2TBb7HT?= ntut019 at ntu.edu.tw
Tue Feb 15 08:34:27 CET 2005

Dear Tomas G. Rokicki:

Before I saw the recent post on tex-k archive concerning dvips,
I was typesetting a book contains EPS files which contains fonts used
both in EPS and document. (I was using MiKTeX with dvips 5.94a.)

You probably already know this, just to let you know what I did.
What I did to avoid the problem is to put all the characters used in the EPS
at the end of the document. After typeseting the document, I discard
the last pages using psselect. It works, although not elegant.


Tsong-Min Wu
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