[tex-k] dvipsk

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Thu Jan 13 15:54:41 CET 2005

    As far as I can see you are the current maintainer of (o)dvipsk, but
    I don't

It's almost all Tomas, now.  (He's on tex-k, so he'll see the mail.)

    know whether or not Tomas Rokicki is still active on the non-k version.

There is no non-k (or separately released) version any more.  Tom just
hacks on the version in TL and calls it good.

    wouldn't it be adequate to do the same for (o)dvipsk. I looked at the

Yes, highly desirable.  In fact, Vladimir Volovich looked at this exact
same issue.  It seems like all we have to do -DOmega.  So that is our
plan for the next release.  Do you think more is needed?

Akira, thanks for the clue on the jpatch ifndef.

            extern int nscalewidth P2H(int a, int b);
    in protos.h, but
            integer nscalewidth P2C(register integer, a, register integer, b)
    in bbox.c.

I fixed protos.h.  Thanks.

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