[tex-k] Dvips fix for font in EPSF improperly downloaded

Tomas G. Rokicki rokicki at CS.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jan 16 03:36:48 CET 2005

I just submitted a fix for the problem where a document includes a
figure that uses a downloaded PostScript font, and that same font
is also used by the main document itself.  Dvips was partially
downloading the font in this case when it should have downloaded
the entire font.  It now does download the entire font.

Since this is a moderately risky change I've decided to also make
effective the eepic/epic macro change where floating point is used
instead of integers.

I've got a few more changes to make; I'll try to get them done as
soon as possible.

But I'd be slightly hesitant to package the *current* dvips in
the p4 tree into any distribution for widespread release until we
get some testing in.  If you need a dvips for your distribution,
grab the one from yesterday instead.


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