[tex-k] dvipsk

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Jan 16 02:27:12 CET 2005

    1.  Should I make this change, or someone else?

I had the impression that peb was going to send a patch?

As far as the jpatch-related change in download.c goes, I had the
impression that Akira's suggestion was the way to go.

    2.  What are the benefits of this change over having two binaries?

It simplifies maintenance by removing the only case of symbolic links in
the source hierarchy.

It simplifies maintenance by clearly having only one set of sources for
the program, so people aren't tempted to hack odvipsk.

It reduces disk usage :).  (Hey, we can use anything we can get!)

    3.  Do we want magic executable-name sniffing to set the flag?  (That

I see no harm in it, but I also don't think it's worth more than, say,
10 minutes.  In practice, I can't see that there is any harm to the
omega stuff always being enabled.

    Right now I'm hacking up a few things in dvips

Always nice to hear :).  Weren't there a couple other longstanding
things to look at?  But my brain isn't kicking in ...


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