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Eddie Kohler kohler at CS.UCLA.EDU
Thu Jan 20 03:15:06 CET 2005

FWIW, *many* T1 fonts have >256 characters.  Fedra Serif has 361.  No 
more than 256 are addressable via 'show' at a time, but you can get to 
them with glyphshow, or by reencoding the font, or by developing a 
composite font that refers to multiple differently-encoded versions of 
the T1.  I'm sure you knew this, Karl, just wanted to be precise.


On Jan 19, 2005, at 6:10 PM, Karl Berry wrote:

>     patch-01-make: should already be in the CVS
> Yes, I checked in the POST_INSTALL stuff to TeX Live a couple days ago.
> Thanks.
> I can only respond to a couple of your questions/comments:
>                Are there T1 fonts with >256 chars?
> As far as I know, no.  Type 1 is restricted to 256 encoded/addressable
> characters.  When and if we ever get real OpenType support, things will
> be different.
>     Once all this is finished someone ought to describe "-noomega" in
>     dvips.info.
> When the time comes, I can update the doc if no one else has done so.
> Best,
> karl
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