[tex-k] Re: first steps with libkpathsea

Patrick Gundlach texkml at contextgarden.net
Mon Jun 13 20:06:16 CEST 2005


> But does kpsewhich still find the files when you copy it to the same
> directory as kptest? It sounds to me like you want to swim without
> getting wet. :)

You might be right. 

I am currently writing ruby bindings for the kpathsea library. When I'd
distribute it, people would probably start laughing at me if I write
installation instructions like:

* ask your sysadmin to copy the program in $TEX../bin or 
* ask your sysadmin to edit texmf.cnf and set SELFAUTOPARENT to a
  specific path.

So currently I call 'kpse_set_program_name("kpsewhich",myprog);' to fake
the name of the program. Which is of course sort of strange, but as
far as I can see there is no other way to achieve the desired
behaviour. Is there any side effect of doing so? 

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