[tex-k] Re: Moving towards Autoconf-2.59

Olaf Weber olaf at infovore.xs4all.nl
Wed Mar 2 08:32:26 CET 2005

Peter Breitenlohner writes:

> The basic idea remains, however, unchanged:
> (1) Enhance the current autoconf-2.13 (i.e., texk/etc/autoconf/)
> such that the present configure.in, Makefile.in etc. still work with this
> "V2.13-new".

> (2) Add a directory with M4 macros for autoconf-2.59 (e.g., texk/m4/)

> (3) Change configure.in, Makefile.in etc. such that they work with both
> V2.13-new and V2.59.

> The important point being that step (3) above can be done independently for
> each configure.in together with its Makefile.in etc. (More precisely: can be
> done in several little steps such that things work with V2.13-new after each
> step and equally work with V2.59 after the last step.)

This certainly makes the transition more managable.

> I would very much appreciate some (any) reaction from your side,

As the matter stands, it looks unlikely I'll be able to work on this
during this week (work), and I do not know at present whether I'll
have any opportunity next week (EuroTeX).

Olaf Weber

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