[tex-k] (fwd) Bug#337805: tetex-bin: dvips should include document's title in Postscript instead of DVI filename

Gernot Salzer salzer at logic.at
Wed Nov 16 12:51:58 CET 2005

> What *would* be easy is to implement an option in dvips such that you
> could say
>   dvips --title="History of Foo" foo.dvi
> and have it change the %%Title output.

Because of the lack of such a feature, or the lack of knowledge about
such a feature, I used a work-around in the past:
rename the original dvi (or tex) file and recreate the PS file.

Reason: if I publish a paper (e.g., submit the paper), I don't want the paper
to include any private information, like some funny document name.
E.g., in my private collection it makes sense to name papers after
conferences or journals; but when submitting the paper it is more appropriate
to name the document after me. Of course, it is easy to rename the ps file.
But lines like
%%Title: multlog.dvi
%DVIPSCommandLine: /usr/TeX-live/bin/i386-linux/dvips multlog.dvi
still constitute a tiny leak of privacy.
I admit that it can also be useful, like helping to identify the original
TeX source when it is named differently from the PS file.

> But would anyone really bother to use it?

I probably would forget about the command-line switch if it existed,
and then do some dirty hack (like deleting the comments manually) if
I really needed it.
But this is no solution for an ordinary user, in particular, if s/he
is not aware of the fact that some information about the system
is part of the PS file.


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